An honest and unedited string of thoughts on why I am dancing.

I am dancing because my mom signed me up for dance classes at the Jewish Community Center when I was two. Most young girls get put in dance class.

I am dancing because I took Performance class with Jeffrey freshman year, and it was the only thing I looked forward to in my crippling depression.

I am dancing because it allows me to look at things i’m interested in through the lens of art, sociology, and activism.

I know why i’m Dancing… why i’m pursuing a career in Dance, but I don’t know why i’m actually “dancing”.

I know my body feels better when I am physical, but so often I wonder what the point of actually engaging in rigorous physical practice beyond the superficial reasons of keeping in shape.

I am dancing because I don’t really know why…

I wish I had some profound answer to support my decision, but to be honest the physical aspect of dance is less and less my interest.

But also, I do like to dance.

This seems like a complicated relationship.

I am dancing because I don’t know what else to do.

I am too lazy and disillusioned to have a 9-5 job.

So i’ve chosen to pursue this career.

I don’t think i’d be happy doing something else.

I like to sweat and be physical and use my body as the site of exploration.

The body is tangible, tactile, human, real.

I like performing.

I like attention.

I don’t like working hard on my body.

I’m not an athlete.

I want to throw myself through a glass building.

Dance makes me feel like I can do that.

I like creating worlds where I’m in charge.



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